Ausbildungen Bewegung und Trauma

Wenn Du mehr über die Weisheit des Körpers und von Trauma lernen möchtest, gibt es folgende Möglichkeiten:

Yin Yoga Aufbauausbildung (TCM und traumasensibles Yoga)

Yin Yoga Grundausbildung (TCM und Faszien)

Traumaweisheit – Ausbildung für Menschen in helfenden, sozialen, begleitenden und therapeutischen Berufen (Therapeuten, Yogalehrer, Bewegungspraktiker, Sozialarbeiter, Berater und Coaches oder Lehrer, Ärzte, Pflegepersonal, Hebammen oder Mitarbeiter in sozialen Einrichtungen)

Veröffentlicht von Somatische Bewegung, Therapie & Nervensystemregulation - Rabea Klatt

For more than 24 years, Rabea has been following her passion for studying the mind-body connections. Since 2009, she has been working as a certified CAM practitioner and teaching Qi Gong (since 2006) and Yoga (since 2015) worldwide in countries like Germany, Cambodia, Thailand, Taiwan, and Spain. She studied Yin Yoga with well-known teachers like Sarah Powers (USA), Paul Grilley (USA) and Bernie Clark (Canada) and has completed her 380 hours of certified teacher training courses. Rabea also has a background in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Japanese Acupuncture which she studied for 3 years during her training as a CAM Practitioner. She teaches, what she calls QiYinFusion, a combination of Yin Yoga, Qigong, mindful movement, deep breath work, somatic awareness and also includes approaches like Traditional Chinese Medicine, Polyvagal Theory, Gestalt therapy and Somatic Experiencing in her work as a teacher and therapist. Rabea deeply believes that through mindfulness movement, visualization, breathwork, and meditation - we can not only approach and activate the parasympathetic nervous system which plays a key role in healing and convalescence but also effectively stimulate the body’s subtle energy system (the meridians of the body), activate our muscles to build up new strength and stretch the body’s connective tissue to gain more physical flexibility and release physical tension, pain and old trauma. The intention of her work is to build self-awareness and resilience in her clients and students and to nurture and teach effective tools for self-regulation so that they can feel safe and at home in their bodies again.

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